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Hardware engineers out there can not ignore the importance of learning electronics as a subject. From  designing and programming chips and circuits to assembling, knowledge on electronics is a indispensable requisite! So here we bring to you a sorted collection of free ebooks on semi-conductors, circuits, controllers and various other aspects of electronics. Enjoy!

1 . Engineer's Mini-Notebook: Formulas, Tables and Basic Circuits 

Author/s: Forrest M. Mims III
Publisher: Radio Shack, 1993

2 . Analog Electronics Tutorial
Author/s :Norlaili Mohd
Publisher : freebookcentre 


3 . Analog Circuits

Author/s: Yuping Wu (ed.)
Publisher: InTech, 2013

4. Photo diodes: From Fundamentals to Applications

Author/s: Ilgu Yun
Publisher: InTech, 2012

5. Electronics

Author/s: Wikibooks
Publisher: Wikibooks, 2012


6. Introduction to Physical Electronics

Author/s : bill wilson
Publisher : 
Connexions, 2010


7.  Advances in Solid State Circuit Technologies

Author/s: Paul K Chu
Publisher: InTech, 2010

8 . Introduction to Electronic Engineering

Author/s: Valery Vodovozov
Publisher: BookBoon, 2010

9 . Principle Of Power System

Author/s: V.k Mehta
Publisher: S chand

10 . Instrumentation Training Tutorials  
Author : D.J Dunn
Publisher : PA Control

10 . Smart Grid Technology And Application
Author : Nick Jenkins
Publisher : Wiley

11 . Application Of Nonlinear Control
Author : Miral Altinay

12 . Electric and Magnetic Field Calculations with Finite-Element Methods

Author : Stanley Humphries

13 . Notes For an Introductory Course On Electrical Machines And Drives

Author : E.G Strangas

15 . Power Quality

Author : Andreas Eberhard

14 . Power Quality

Author : Andreas Eberhard

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