Air Flow Detector Circuit

In this post we learn about a simple air flow detector circuit.
This circuit can give a visual evidence of the rate of wind current. It can be likewise used to check whether there is wind stream in a given space.

The filament of a lamp is the sensing piece of the circuit. At the point when there is no wind current the safety of the fiber will be low. At the point when there is wind stream the safety drops , in light of the fact that the moving air will evacuate a portion of the hotness produced in the filament. These varieties in the safety will create variety of voltage over the fiber. These varieties will be grabbed by the opamp (LM339) and the shine of the lamp at its yield will be changed relatively to the wind stream.

  • The filament of the lamp L1 can be made by taking of the glass of a 40W incandescent lamp.
  • The circuit may be operated from a 12 V DC power supply unit.

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