NiCd Battery Manual
NiMH Battery Manual [PDF]
Lithium Ion - Overview [PDF]
Lithium Ion - Charging Requirements [PDF]
Lithium Ion - Precautions [PDF]
Battery Chargers [PDF]
Battery Terms & what they mean [PDF]
Primary Cells and Batteries [PDF]
Using and charging Nicad batteries [PDF]
Using and charging SLA Batteries [PDF]
Choosing a rechargeable battery [PDF]
How to rebuild a Li-Ion battery pack [HTML] [HTML]
Battery Care & Tips [HTML]
Duracell Ni-MH Technical Bulletin [HTML]
Energizer Ni-MH Battery Datasheets [HTML]
Charging the Lithium Ion Battery [HTML]
How Lithium-ion Batteries Work [HTML]
The Lithium Ion Battery [HTML]
Advantages and Limitations of the Lithium Polymer Battery [HTML]
Car and Deep Cycle Battery Frequently Asked Questions [HTML]
Internal Resistance (IR) [PDF]
Temperature Effects [PDF]
Typical Characteristics [PDF]
Wikipedia articles
Daniell cell
Lithium battery
Lithium iron phosphate battery [HTML]
Alkaline battery [HTML]
Mercury battery [HTML]
Silver-oxide battery [HTML]
Zinc-air battery [HTML]
Lead-acid battery [HTML]
Nickel-cadmium battery [HTML]
Lithium-ion battery [HTML]
Lithium-ion polymer battery [HTML]
Battery Handbooks
Alkaline + Cross Section [PDF]
Alkaline Miniature + Cross Section [PDF]
Carbon Zinc + Cross Section [PDF]
Lithium - (L91-L92) + Cross Section [PDF]
Lithium-Photo/Coin + Cross Section [PDF]
Nickel-Metal Hydride + Cross Section [PDF]
Silver Oxide + Cross Section [PDF]
Zinc Air + Cross Section [PDF]
9V Lithium [PDF]
Battery Safety Datasheets
Alkaline Manganese Dioxide Zinc (Cylindrical) [PDF]
Alkaline Manganese Dioxide Zinc (Miniature) [PDF]
Alkaline Zinc-Air (Mercury) [PDF]
Alkaline Zinc-Air (No Mercury) [PDF]
Battery Kit (MSDS) [PDF]
Carbon Zinc [PDF]
Double Wall Flashlight (2AA) [PDF]
Nickel Cadmium (NiCd) [PDF]
Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) [PDF]
Lead Acid [PDF]
Lithium Iron Disulfide [PDF]
Lithium Manganese Dioxide [PDF]
Lithium Ion [PDF]
Mercuric Oxide-Zinc [PDF]
Silver Oxide-Zinc [PDF]

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