Linear Combustion Engine

Project linear combustion engine develops new type of a combustion engine, called as Linear combustion engine (LCE).

The main features of this new engine are:

* nonexistence of any shaft
* nonexistence of any flywheel
* nonexistence of any other rotation components

The output of this engine is not mechanical torque and power on the output shaft, but direct electric power on the linear motor-generator. This linear generator translates the mechanical periodic moving of the piston rod to electric energy as the output of this engine. The linear combustion engine is an electromechanical converter the chemical energy of hydrocarbon or hydrogen fuel as an input to electric energy as an output.

Another solution of this problem is presented by an electrochemical converter well known as fuel cells for direct chemical energy changing to electric energy. Comparison of these both possibilities shows, that the linear combustion engine brings some advantages. LCE properties define such application areas as power source for serial hybrid vehicles, mobile UPS and light mobile electric source.

To achieve a good function, high reliability and low exhaust pollution of this system it is necessary to design a very sophistical powerful control system. 

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